Sunday, 25 October 2015 - "Calpis by the sea"

Before my mum got a house by the sea, we rarely visited Scheveningen (the awkward name the part of the beach near The Hague is named). Back when we still lived in Delft we used to take tram 1 which went straight to the beach. As with any kind of public transport a kind woman’s voice announces the next stop, and since The Hague is pretty popular with tourists so she announces certain stops in English. One of these stops is the museum “Beelden aan zee” or “Sculptures by the sea”. She says it in such a melodious way many people feel encouraged to repeat her, and my mother and I used to find this quite amusing.
That day me and my mum ate some delicious fish on toast and drank Calpis, mixed with Melon Soda, by the sea.  
The coast of Holland is connected to the sea, the North Sea, and not to an ocean, so there are not many things of interest that wash ashore. But occasionally there is something fascinating to find, like this fishing net.