30 November 2015

 "One cannot celebrate life if he's afraid of death."

This weekend I tried to escape my thinking self and all the worries it had brought to life. I accomplished this, if only for a few moments, by doing what I do best, stuffing myself with sweetness and get visually stimulated. 

Sometimes I notice that a certain object or symbol frequently appears during a certain period of time. I used to think of this as a coincidence, but now, in an attempt to make life more magical, I think of it as little gifts from the universe. Through the recurring symbols, or objects, the universe tries to teach something, it tries to make me aware of something that I ought to know. And I started to pay a lot more attention to these moments.

26 October 2015 '23:40'

10 November 2015

"When I grow up I want to be rich, on knowledge."

I don't know who said this quote, if it was a famous person, a writer or a friend, but I agree. I rather die rich on knowledge than grow old with all the money in the world. And since a few months, I have been reading, watching, asking and discussing my way to more knowledge.