23 September 2016

"You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in."
- Greek philosopher Heraclitus -

Our personal thoughts make waves in time and space like falling rain upon the ocean. Where everything is connected, opposites cannot exists, cold and warm are just different forms of temperature. Life is a circle and one chooses where one wants to be along its border. And as one breaths and thinks, one shifts. Everything changes, nothing lasts forever; all things have the power to create and destruct. 

The universe is giving and receiving; a motion that is in everything. To create one has to master this art of motion. A Hindu legend tells an interesting story about this motion:

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived high in the mountains. He had overheard stories from villagers about riches of both the mind and physique. And one day he asked his master: "How does one obtain unlimited wealth?" To this the old man replied, "Inside every one of us live two goddesses: one is named Lakshmi and the other Saraswati  Everyone respects and loves these beings, but there is a secret that you must know: in order to obtain unlimited wealth one must pay more attention to Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom and self-knowledge, than to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, both spiritual and physical. By doing so Lakshmi will become extremely jealous and will start to give you more and more attention. Thus, the more attention you pay to Saraswati the more jealous Lakshmi will get and the more wealth you will receive."   

Food, laughter and storytelling are the things that fill my days. My sister and I are up and about almost every Tuesday to sew and talk with a big pot of tea. The Tuesday I took this photo our mother brought us lunch, it was the first time the four of us were together. My baby niece, Mira, was lying on the podium mesmerized, watching her surroundings and listening to our voices. She is the sweetest creature I have ever held in my arms.

It has been about two months since I traded the quiet East for the busy West. I came back to the sea, the wind and my family. There is nothing that I miss more than the trees and the high pitched chirping of the crickets in the grass underneath my old bedroom, but the salt in the air makes me forget that other, slow moving, world. So I move forward, fast, along the vague outlines of the path of my new life. It feels like running, running at one place while everything passes me by, while at other times it feels like I stand still, while the world slowly moves to change my view. 

Nowadays I hear the sounds of children's laughter, dog barks and a tram moving trough the streets. Living on the 19th floor, I gained a new perspective, a lighter view on the world. My thoughts move trough the clouds, reaching towards the light waiting for the wind to take the dust away. I hope the water of the sea will further rinse my physique and that the wind will air my spirit. 

"To be, or not to be."
- William Shakespear -