10 November 2015

"When I grow up I want to be rich, on knowledge."

I don't know who said this quote, if it was a famous person, a writer or a friend, but I agree. I rather die rich on knowledge than grow old with all the money in the world. And since a few months, I have been reading, watching, asking and discussing my way to more knowledge.

I always have been interested in so many subjects, and hopping from one topic to another was exactly what I did. I went from chemistry to physics in just one day. But I managed to stick with physics for an entire week as I learned about spooky action at a distance and how space is not empty. From there on I jumped from neuroscience to Plato, to Rumi, to the Youtube channel The School of Life, to sewing, to photography, to blogging, to sinkholes and from Matsuo Bashō to chromosomes.

Every link takes you to a post on a blog, or to a video on a Youtube channel that encouraged me to keep on learning, and I hope it will inspire you in any way as well.

While I'm still studying, I now feel like I gained a whole new attitude towards learning, towards the world. I find everything interesting and worth to read more about, and especially in this age getting educated is just a click away. I discovered that the people on the internet are intelligent, kind and sharing, which I didn't known until now. I discovered blogs like Zen Habits, Youtube channels like Crash Course and websites like TED and Quora that urge people to engage and learn.

I learned that religion and science are not as separate as I was taught to believe. And bit by bit I started to see things differently and more beautifully. I'm really happy I started this journey and I hope I can continue doing this for as long as I live.

Know yourself and you will know the world. 

With this entry I hope to trigger an urge to share what you know with me. Maybe something you have discovered today, or last week, maybe something that has been inspiring, or encouraging, you your entire life. I'll be looking, very much, forward to read your shared knowledge in a comment