Hello there, thank you for being interested to find out more about this blog. I am Marie, a twenty-two year old textile student. I deeply enjoy being surrounded by nature, with all it's magnificence and wonders. Other things I love are the sea, reading, drawing, plants and Japan.

Umi (海) means sea, or ocean and -sama (さま) is a honorific.

It has been but three years since my mother moved to a house by the sea. The window view is not much different from other houses, but taking just a five minute walk and my shoes are already scooping sand and my ears start to ring with the roaring of the sea and the wind. I love it. I myself live in a different part of Holland, but whenever I can, I go home to the sea, to my black cat and to my family and friends.

All the photos on this blog are taken by me with my lovely point and shoot camera. You can share every picture to your hearts desire and edit them, make them more beautiful, more ugly, whatever you want. Please drop me a note when you publish these pictures, I would love to see the result. And I guess it would not hurt to link back to me? Thank you.

Besides by the sea you can also find me on instagram, pinterest and tumblr.